About Me


Shahrouz Akhavan, a Texas-based dentist, is a shining example of commitment, altruism, and skill. His dedication permeates every aspect of his life, from his career in dentistry to his philanthropy, hobbies, and community initiatives.

Education and Early Life

He, a native of Pharr, Texas, embarked on his academic journey at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology, a field that perfectly combines his interests in biological sciences and human behavior. Subsequently, he turned his focus to his core interest – dentistry. He completed his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (DDS) from UCLA School of Dentistry in 2009.

Professional Journey

Since his graduation, Dr. Akhavan demonstrated unwavering commitment to his profession. He opened and operated dental offices in Texas that catered to both adult and child patients. His ability to manage a business while delivering top-notch dental care emphasizes his multi-faceted talent and dedication.

In addition to his clinical work, he wears the hat of a software developer. He championed the dental field’s integration with technology, leading to streamlined operations and enhanced patient care. His pursuit of software development demonstrates his willingness to adapt and learn, reflecting his deep commitment to efficiency and improvement.

Hobbies: A Passionate Endeavor

Akhavan’s love for art can be traced back to his childhood. His intrigue in colors, shapes, and form expressed itself in a passion for graphic design. To him, graphic design is more than just a hobby. It is a medium of expression, a playground for creativity, and a reflection of his imaginative side. The joy he describes experiencing while drawing and designing demonstrates a genuine love for a pursuit that transcends his professional career.

Philanthropy: A Commitment to Giving Back

Shahrouz Akhavan’s commitment extends beyond dentistry and into the heart of his community. From volunteering as a dentist for impoverished communities to donating to the Am Able Foundation, a South Texas organization dedicated to supporting people with disabilities, his humanitarian activities testify to his dedication to serving his community.

Between 2001 and 2005, he served as the president of the Gerontology Club at UCLA. This was indicative of his early commitment to give back to society, particularly to older people. His actions reveal an empathetic side, personifying his dedication and devotion to social causes.
Notable Achievements and Upcoming Events

Akhavan’s journey is adorned with notable achievements and milestones. Alongside his clinical practice, one of his significant triumphs includes the 10th anniversary of his dental office, Agua Dental Practices. This milestone is a testament to his commitment to his practice and the trust and support he received from the community.

In addition to his work, he introduced a playful element to his offices by creating “Sharky” and “Whaley” mascots that complement the dental office’s water theme. This innovative idea not only represents his playful side but also his commitment to creating a friendly and welcoming environment for his patients, especially the young ones.

Shahrouz Akhavan’s life story paints a beautiful picture of an individual who integrates commitment in every aspect of his life, from his profession, business, and hobbies to his involvement in community service and philanthropy. His life serves as a perfect example of dedication and diversity of talent, demonstrating one can indeed excel and contribute significantly in several different arenas when driven by passion and commitment.